Step 1 – Price Your Home Like an Appraiser

Step 2 – Room by Room review – Mandatory Disclosures Now

Step 3 – Determine Your Homes Fair Market Value – CMA

Step 4 – Determine Your Maximum Likely Selling Price

Step 5 – Should you Declutter Stage or Paint and Carpet

Step 6 – Your List Price Should be Based on Your Agent’s Skill Set

Step 7 – 3 Secrets for Selling for Top Dollar

Step 8 –  Pre-Listing Period – Marketing with Big Data

Step 9 – Why You Must Have and Offer Acceptance Period

Step 10 – The Only Good Way to Negotiate Multiple Offers

Step 11 – How to Select the Agent who will put the most money in your pocket

Step 12 – How to Work with Best Agent at Discount Prices

Plus Bonus videos


click here for Video 1

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