Start Fresh with a Financial Reset (TM)
Back in 2007, before others were promoting Walk Away Plans or Strategic Defaults we were providing real estate owners with our powerful Upside Down Analysis. Walkaway vs short sale vs Deed in Lieu vs other loan workout options.  

Start Rebuilding your Financial  Future Now


  1. Is your home worth less than you owe?
  2. Are the payments chewing up too much of your income?
  3. Is your house preventing you from doing things you need to do?
  4. Tired of sleepless nights worrying about your future? 
  5. Do you have assets or a future salary to protect?
  6. Are you aware that the lender is a collection agent and wondering why Realtors want you to give your lender a road map to your assets?   
  7. Do you wish start rebuilding today with a Financial Reset (TM)
  8. Might you wish to know when you will have to move out?
  9. more…

Some potential clients wish to keep their homes, others wish to short sale their property or accept a foreclosure.

Some homeowners just wish to deploy the strategy which will do the least financial damage and let them begin rebuilding asap.

Many of our clients elect to work on hybrid strategies by commencing a short payoff negotiation with the second.  In short your asset protection goals are matched up with the appropriate strategies.

Our comprehensive, 7 Bites at the Apple plan lets you know how to achieve your Financial Reset (TM). 

Get our Upside Down Analysis:

This website was the first website discussing all of your foreclosure options. We have the most experience because we have been doing this the longest.

Our lead attorney John McConnin has customized workout strategies for over 1100 clients.  Now you can now leverage our experience to “adios your lender”.          

Attorney John McConnin will:

  1. Provide you with strategies which lever the the full force of the law to protect you from your lenders.  You may not have pay your lender another dime or the property tax collector another dollar;
  2. Provide you with a workout strategy designed to afford you maximum protection from your lender, the IRS, and the Franchise Tax board; 
  3. We will help you minimize or eliminate credit damage; 
  4. We advise you on the status and effect of state and federal Loan forgiveness laws; 
  5. We will stop the lenders calls with cease and desist letters;
  6. We will discuss the benefits and risks of pursuing lender liability claims;
  7. We will provide you access to our foreclosure and pre-foreclosure FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), which is expanding every week; 
  8. You will get information about how the IRS and FTB treat foreclosures, short sales, deeds in lieu and other workouts.  We will show you how to minimize or eliminate your tax liability;   
  9. Will will provide you with a foreclosure timeline, so you will know how long you can stay in your home; 

We identify your deficiency risks upfront. You can’t afford to leave your future in the hands of a newly minted “loan mod negotiator” or  “short sale specialist” or unlicensed attorney surrogate. We are confident in our knowledge of the law and and we enjoy using our ability to leverage the law for your protection against the lenders.

Here is our pledge… You will not work with newly minted amateurs.  We will explain the law to you in writing.  We are not going to take chances with your future.