Short Sale Negotiations and Transaction Management

Have your Realtor Work for you Not Your Lender

Short Sale Transaction Management Plus

Make Sure Your Realtor Works for You and Not Your Lender

A properly executed short sale may minimize damage to your credit, minimize tax exposure and release you from a deficiency.

We will now provide you with the core of the program McConnin & Company Realty and John McConnin Attorney at law have used to gain leverage over the lenders to sell over 150  short sales for our California clients.

Click here to see just some of our closed short sales.

Virtually all other Realtors provide a short sale program which they consider complete once they received a short sale approval on the lenders terms.  But, we know you need to get your Realtor to negotiate a short sale on your terms not the banks.  Take control of the short sale process with our Short Sale Transaction Management Plus Program.


Short sales are not like regular sales.  Good short sale Realtors are very hard to find. The key to a good short sale is qualifying your Realtor and then instructing your Realtor to work for you…not the lender and certainly not the buyer.

With a properly executed Short Sale,  you may be able to:

  • Sell Your Home For Less Than You Owe The Bank.
  • Get Your Bank To Pay All The Closing Costs & Other Fees.
  • Avoid Paying Anything.
  • Avoid Owing Anything.
  • Minimize Damage to Your Credit.
  • Erase Your Debt.
  • Start Fresh

During the last cycle  The National Association of Realtors stated that fewer than 30% of short sale listings close.   That is  alarming.  Short sale “experts”…  lose most of their listings to foreclosure.

And, the claim by those short sale “experts” that they save your credit is enough to turn your stomach.  Did you know that some lenders do not release the remaining loan balance in writing regardless of CA law.  And some take the position they are not governed by California law.  We show you how we do it for our short sale clients.

(2020 Update…. laws can change. Federal laws can take precedence over state laws.  We believe its best to hold out for a deficiency release if you can negotiate it.)

Our Short Sale Transaction Management Plus Program Includes…

  1. Upside Down Analysis – Strategic Default Plan – This includes a recourse not recourse analysis by a CA licensed Attorney and a review of all options in case your realtor is not able to negotiate the short sale  on terms you find satisfactory.
  2. Short Sale Package.  We will provide sample hardship letters and explain what how to focus your letter for the points your lender wishes to see.  We will explain why your income statement and your asset disclosures are key for your lender and you.  There is a reason why your lender has to warn you they are a debt collector.  We will explain what type of discosures may be too risky to make if you have recourse loans.  If you are thinking about a strategic short sale you can not afford to make a mistake in this part of your package.
  3. Listing Document Guidelines.  We will give you detailed information and a set of forms with important clauses. This is a crucial part of your interaction with agents.
  4. Agent Selection. We will show you how to find, qualify and choose, a good short sale agent.  (Please do not believe the so called short sale designated expert hype.  Those “certifications” are frequently part of marketing courses.)
  5. Purchase Contract.  We will provide videos on what to look for and suggest clauses you should include in all short sale pruchase agreements.  During our Webinars we will discuss current best practices.
  6. Short Sale Negotiations.  There is so much information to go over this section… we will provide videos and webinars on the subject.  This area is always changing because the lenders are always changing their programs and routines.
  7. Continuing monthly webinars for up to 6 months… this will become a 50 to 100 dollar charge per month in the future.
  8. Short Sale Approval letters.  This is the PLUS part of the package and an important addition to our short sale management program.  We will review your first set of short sale approvals (up to three letters) and provide you with our legal opinon as to how well you are protected from future actions against your salary or your assets.
  9. If you wish to have us review other documents such as your hardship letter, your income and asset statements or letters from you lender such as a Notice of Default or Sale, we will provide you with an additional document submission option at 100 dollars per month.  But you may wish to first see our videos and webinars on those subjects.


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