Maximum Home Selling Price

Home Selling Series – Step 2

Why We Determine a Maximum Selling Price?

  1.  -Before you Sign an Offer from a Buyer or Sign a Listing Agreement – Know your 4 prices
  2. – A Home Owner Has to Know His Limitations  (nod to Client Eastwood in Dirty Harry)
  3. – Why Realtors talk about Top Dollar but not top net
  4. –   Determining Your Max Price

A. How an Appraiser Does It

B. Home Home Pricing Apps on the net


The Ones Banks

B. Determine Your Current Competition

C. Determine Current Trends



Next Videos

  1.    Determining Your Fair Market Value
  2.    Knowing your max possible and your current market value allows you to make decision which allow to maximize the net in your pocket.
  3.     How to Maximize Your Net Series


Core Logic – The Pricing Algo Banks Use



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