How to Sell Your Home Fast for Top Dollar – Step 1

Prepare Your Home Seller Disclosures First


Before you show your home to buyers or seller’s realtors prepare your mandatory disclosures.


A. Expert Home Pricing – Before you can Price Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar

you need to do a room by room review and know what you are going to be disclosing.

Then you can arrive at our your Fair Market Value, Your Listing Price Range and Your Maximum Likely Selling Price

We cover that in our Expert Home Pricing Workshop and in the Next Video.


B. Pre-Disclosing creates stronger offers.

Buyer’s always hold back some money thinking there may be surprises.

Professional buyers do it, Retail buyers do it.  They inherently worry they are buying someone elses problem.

If you pre- disclose to them before they walk in the door… as they go through you home you gain credibility and they release their fears.

Opening them up to stronger initial offers and helping them offer their absolute max during a properly exectuted

Multiple offer Negotiation.  (see our multiple offer Negotiation Video(s).


C.  Pre- Disclosing Can Put Much more money in your pocket

Buyer’s Agents and Buyers sometimes accept counter offer or make the winning bid with the intention of taking the money back after home inspections

We advise all buyers to make they offer subject to these disclosures and our pre repair no repair list.

Taking out one of the most expensive buyer tricks.


D. Part of the Max Offer Trifecta

Pre- Disclose, Pre-Repair / no Repair List, Home Owner’s Appliance Warranty


E.  After Your go through our Expert Home Pricing Workshop, you will have an objective

way to determine if you should spend money on paint and carpets or staging or renovating parts of your home.

(part of our Home Sellers Workshop Course_


Next Video – Expert Home Pricing


Next Step for those thinking about selling fast for top dollar.

Now… for those in CA this means the TDS and the SPQ (if you are using Realtor forms)

We have a special offer for those who wish to join our homeowners workshop.

We prepare your disclosures with you using software… saving you and hour or two

find out more here…

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