Expert Home Pricing

How to Price Your Home to Sell for the Maximum Amount Buyer’s will Pay



Our Goal is to Know more about Pricing your Home to Sell Better than the professionals you will be interacting with.


  1. Know Your Online Prices –

They may not be accurate but you have know these numbers because many buyers, banks and appraisers take a look at them.

So if they are low… part of your sale will be to explain why you home is worth more. Home Price Estimate – Zestimate –

InstantHomePrices – CoreLogic looked at by many banks and hence appraisers.

Know what the banks look at



Appraisal Methods

a. Replacement Costs – Not relevant for most home sellers

b. Anchor Compsthen adjust


Our Method…

Determine the Anchor price per square foot…

Then Adjust and create the story of your home

Make that Adjustment one of the stories of your home in your marketing.

FMV – Video Next

Maximum Home Price

Listing Range for Maximum Selling Price

(Your secret Threshold Selling price and why its the key ingredient  for fast sales, Top dollar and highest net)



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