Saving Your Home

Short Payoff on first, Negotiation on the Second, Loan Mod, Forbearance and more.  Here are the tools, you should consider. 

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Selling Your Home 

Sell Your Home Responsibly.  Make sure you are Protecting yourself, your assets and your future.  


Walk Away Plan

Some of you are not interested in selling and just want to walk away.  We do a recourse no recourse loan analysis with you. We also give you tools for minimizing your credit damage. 

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Know Your Options 

Welcome to the original site on the internet discussing how to leverage the law to accomplish your real estate goals.  

The founder of this website was advising on and negotiating hundreds of loan mods, forbearances and short pays  for residential clients and commercial borrowers from 1991 to 1995 and then again from 2007 on.  In the last cycle we were negotiating short sales for clients in Florida a year before prices started even coming down in California and we negotiated and sold hundreds of short sales all over California.  We helped clients in other states by referring them to approved realtors and attorneys.      
We are not going to charge for loan mod or forbearance advice or work unless and until we know we can really help people and that will depend on the programs the banks offer.  However, we really want to help so we will advise you for free right now.  
Save Your Home Workshop

Free Save Your Home Workshop with real estate attorney John McConnin

Start here… Before you cease paying on your loans, you must understand that your best leverage. 


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